Redefining the dental experience with pain-free dental injections at Westford Smiles

DentalVibe® is a patented, award-winning, cordless handheld device designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with the dreaded dental injection for adults as well as children. So when you get a shot, you don’t feel it. With the DentalVibe®, a synchronized vibration massages the gums, providing a soothing, rather than harmful, experience during injections.

No PainDental Vibe Injections

You will truly experience “Pain-Less” Injections when you have to receive a dental shot for a procedure!

Safe and Gentle

DentalVibe® is gentle, fast, and safe. There are no pills to take, no gas to inhale, and no drowsy after-effects to worry about.

Less Anesthetic and Less Time

Studies and research show with DentalVibe®, less anesthesia is used. DentalVibe® enables Dr. Kare to deliver a standard injection in any area of the mouth, in 30 – 60 seconds on adults as well as children.